Friday, December 22, 2006

Brooklyn's Vietnam Veterans: An Oral History

Brooklyn College and the Brooklyn Historical Society are teaming up in a partnership this fall to present an oral history exhibit about Brooklyn's Vietnam veterans. The aim is to record the memories of all kinds of folks - members of the Marines, Navy, Air Force and Army. These interviews are digitally recorded, transcribed and returned to the interviewee for edits and corrections.

Prof. Philip F. Napoli, whose work in documenting the stories of Brooklyn's Vietnam veterans has gotten wide notice, explains: "Once the interview process is complete, we will ask the interviewees to give us the copyright to the interview itself -- the words spoken on the tape -- so that we can present this material to the public and store it for future generations of students and scholars. We are especially interested in interviewing the brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers of Vietnam veterans as well."

To participate, contact Prof. Napoli at or visit his web site: